Introduction Edit

Fighting evil by daylight; winning love by moonlight; killing gobballs by midday. The Sailor Scouts are dedicated to ridding the world of Dofus of any that threaten the sweet, sweet memory of Sailor Moon.

Ranks and rights are directly related to percent experience donated to the guild...that and coolness factor.

Creating a character whose name is associated with Sailor Moon will earn you a special rank that best befits the name.

Joining Requirements Edit

The current level required to join open regardless of character class. Applicants should also have to have a positive attitude towards both guildmates and players out of guild.

Alliances Edit

We are currently not allied to anyone.

Percpector Policy Edit

We only have one Percpector and he is not to be placed in areas where he will die quickly (i.e. Astrub and it's surroundings). It would be a waste of money and guild time sorry people!

Sailor Scouts Recruitment Policy Edit

Sailor Scouts is currently a brand new guild, level 5 guild with most people being under lvl 20. So far our members are awesome and active members mostly above level 10.

  • All levels and classes welcome
  • We are nice, you always got 2 shots. If you left once we might understand you and accept you again, but if you left twice you're done.

Guild Rankings Edit

0.000 xp = On Trial. No rights aka peon.
1.000 xp = Apprentice. Manage the distribution of xp.
5.000 xp = Recruiting Officer. Invite new members.
10.000 xp = Mentor. Set collector.
25.000 xp = Guide. Collect from collector.
50.000 xp = Counselor. Use the paddocks.
75.000 xp = Muse. Fit the paddocks.
100.000 xp = Governer.
200.000 xp = Scout.

Professions Edit

  • Farmer - Level 100
  • Baker - Level 100
  • Jeweller - Level 26
  • Miner - Level 30
  • Alchemist - Level 64
  • Lumberjack - Level 18
  • Wand Carver - Level 8
  • Hunter - Level 1
  • Jeweller - Level 70
  • Jewelmangus - Level 70
  • Miner - Level 50
  • Alchemist - Level 66

Co Leaders Edit

Pandapple Giant-Douche