Sages of Nightfall has been through a rather turbulent start and is now being reborn from the ashes. We hope to welcome all new members with open arms and expect them to work hard to make the guild a stunning example of friendship and unity.

We are currently accepting anyone from lvl 20 and above. We welcome all alignments and cater to all levels as well.

You can pm the following people if you are interested in joining:

Leader :

  • Reverence

Ranking Edit

Ranking is done through xp donation, as follows:

  • First entitled rank: Lvl 20 with 1000 xp donated. (lvl 16 for eni)
  • Protector: Lvl 26 with 5000 xp donated. (lvl 20 for eni)
  • Servant: selected by the officers and leader.

New officers are elected every 5 lvls. The guild choses new officers by voting for one of the keepers. All members are required to donate atleast 5% xp at anytime.

Allies Edit