Rum Nation Rules and Requirements Edit

To enter the guild you must be over lvl 10 and preferably play to play.
You must drink rum or have drunk rum or plan to drink rum some point in life.
No aggressions between guild members.
There could be foul language and or references in guild chat and forums we're only looking for mature gamers.
More rules on forums/website, the one's which you must also be active on to obtain a higher rank The minimum amount of experience (XP) you can donate is 1% but you will advance ranks quicker with more XP given.
You must be Active at least once a week, if inactive for more then a week please let us know on forums.
Respect other guild members and other guilds.

Quick Guild Info Edit

We are a mixed alignment guild with our highest lvl a 134 Feca
We are always very active with hunts, dungeons and quests
We are mostly Australian but are looking to recruit anyone who can speak English.

Rum Nation Activities Edit

Our guild is very active with the leader and co leader logging on at least once a day or two, we actively do dungeon runs, XP hunts, Drop Hunts and willingly help other guild members with quests, professions and materials.
Active on guild chat and forums with movie gossip, youtube videos and of course Gaming.

Ranks and rights Edit

The 2 top ranks, besides Leader, are assigned based on loyalty, trust, time in guild and exp given. The below ranks are sorted by level, activity (both in game and on forums) and XP given. More about ranks on website.

Joining Rum Nation Edit

Either drop us a line on the forums or PM What-The-Feca, Edmundoo, Grimlexx or AwesomeFlip in game, you can also ask a member you see running around.