Roaster X Society is a dead guild.

About Roaster X SocietyEdit

Roaster X Society is a guild started by a group of friends, most (but not all) of whom know each other in real life and hang out at an awesome coffee shop in Tucson, AZ.


Membership is on an invitation-only basis, Basically, if one of us fights with you for a while and you prove to be reasonably intelligent and friendly (and aren't already in a guild, obviously), we might just invite you to join us. Brakmarian alignment is not an absolute bar to membership, but we do prefer aligned members to be Bontarian (we're not really sure why, but it does make helping with alignment quests a lot easier).

We do not have any set progression for advancement through the ranks. Rank within the guild is based primarily on how often you are on line. Members' alts are automatically allowed membership and we are more than happy to help level alts, but each member will only be allowed one officer character (Primarily to minimize the size of the officer list).

As of sometime in late 2006 (I do not recall the exact date), the last remaining member of the Roaster X Society left the guild; therefore Roaster X Society no longer exists. Those former members that still actively play Dofus are now in The Empire Of Sporks

--SomeCallMeTim: former Officer and founding member of the Roaster X Society, acting leader of The Empire Of Sporks.