News and Updates Edit

None yet!

Entrance Requirements Edit

  • The guild allows level 20+ characters.
  • Pay-to-Play or not.
  • Must speak good English.
  • No secondary characters or "alts".

Rules Edit

  • No spamming
  • No buying or selling on guild chat
  • No begging to other members
  • No food in the guild house

Hierarchy Edit

Fixed positions Edit

  • Leader: Bludy-Mary
  • Second in Command: Jasonzzc

Regular positions Edit

  • Servant: 15,000 experience or more
  • Guard: 10,000 experience or more
  • Secretary: 7,500 experience or more
  • Mentor: 5,000 experience or more
  • Merchant: 2,000 experience or more
  • Apprentice: Less than 2,000 experience
  • *Experience needed may change as the guild rises*
  • *Exeptions will be made if you are contributing to the guild in other ways

Information for players wanting to join Edit

Phisical needs Edit

  • Level 30+ OR Proffession level 30+
  • Any alignment
  • Optional professions help
  • Must be the first members in the guild, i.e NO ALTS, unless the leader specifically accepts them.

Personality Edit

  • Friendly and Helpful
  • Genuinely interested in the guild
  • Willing to help the guild and it's members
  • Active members!

How to join Edit

  • Message Bludy-Mary, or Jasonzzc if the Leader is offline

Other Information Edit

The guild owns a small Guild House in Bonta, which is conveniently placed under the tailor's workshop(-31,-54). Anyone may enter the house, but the leader and co-leaders will decide who will be able to access the private safe.

We are hoping to purchase a new paddock in the near future, but are unsure where it will be, and how big it will need to be.