This guild was made 28.7.2009 by two friends - Kaffe & Kahviholisti, because both of them were angry by arrogant guilds they have joined before. It is still small guild, but the strenght is friendly players and resonable way to get better rank in guild.

Average level - 94

Conditions to enterEdit

To join the guild, you need to be atleast 80lvl or higher but if you are a really nice person, we can take you little bit earlier. We want friendly, fun and trustful people in the guild.

If you accomplish these conditions and still you want to join, PM Kahviholisti (The Leader) or SlowBlod (Second in Command)


Riot of Colour have 1 house at the moment. Soon as guild gets more levels, there will be more houses and investing to paddocks.

Final goal is get houses from each island, and atleast two paddocks, one for breeding and one for use of the members.


Guild have active forums, but you can only access when you have been in the guild about 2-3 weeks. Non-members cant see any posts there. Also guild have main website to people who wanna know information of the guild. In the website, there is, for example Rules of the guild. Here is link also to Dofus official website where is newest information about the guild.

Main website:

Members forum:

Riot of Colour in Dofus official website: