Introduction Edit

Welcome to the Ring of Fire Wiki. Ring of fire is a Shika original guild. Any resemblance to a guild on any other server is purely coincidental. Enjoy!

Beginning Edit

Ring of Fire was formed by Lotas in the first month of Shika's opening. It has since grown into a thriving guild of friendly people and fun conversation.

Currently Edit

Ring of Fire has recently taken a slight downward turn. Active members are slowly becoming inactive. Lotas passed the guild down to Slice, the most active member at the time.

Goals Edit

Ring of Fire has dedicated itself to being a community. A group of people that have fun and pass happiness on to those around them.

Am I a Candidate? Edit

If you are level 30+ and have a friendly, fun attitude toward the game, Yes. You may message a recruiting officer in game for more information.

Policies Edit

  • A mandatory 1% xp tax.
  • You should be able to speak some sort of clear english. If english isn't your first language, try your hardest to get your point across, but when doubt, use a online translator.
Recruiting officers:
  • Butters
  • Lobster
  • Meow-Meow
  • Music
  • Smalfie

Candid Conversation Edit

(Guild) Paintitblack : Does Ring of Fire have a creed/motto?
(Guild) Lobster : 1 hp to go!!!
Collector Alene Do'llassamercilessuniverse has been set on (7, -25) by Paintitblack.
(Guild) Lotas : Ooh a long name perc XD
(Guild) Paintitblack : yep, for some reason they like me.
(Guild) Paintitblack : that one and do'miniknikniknik
(Guild) Paintitblack : they're mine
(Guild) Lotas : lol
(Guild) Lotas : Music texted me to call the other perc shortname perc if his name is shorter.
(Guild) Paintitblack : but I called him george already
(Guild) Peter-blast : lol :P