Reunited is a somewhat new Mixed Alignment guild, made in late August, 2010. It's general purpose was to, well, Reunite me and some other friends who hadn't seen each other for a long time. For a month or so, it was just us and a few others, but then we began advertising, which has done us well. :3

We are a very... Non-serious guild, and love to have fun, we do lots of souls and dungeons as well. Players are rarely banned unless they are a scammer or asshole etc. Ranks are based on level and experience given, and priveleges are based on how long you've been in the guild, how helpful you are, and just generally being awesome.

If you'd like to join, contact Hair, Orku, Moonwings, or Ecaflaps. Not currently accepting members.

Our average level is 95, our leader's level is 138, and our highest level is 200.

We own one small guild house in the Canopy Village, and one small guild house in Brakmar. Our next one will be in Bonta.