Respect The Hotness is a mixed aligned guild that was started in the Summer of 2007 on Rosal.


We generally look for 20+ players who are P2P for Respect The Hotness, however we accept lower level players (On Trial) if they seem fun and friendly. We ask but do not require that members be fairly active (play at least once per week. Any alignment is accepted. Guild experience tax is generally set at 10% for members. This amount can be increased at a player's request.

Most of all we created Respect The Hotness as a place for people who hate the politics that usually go with guilds. We have two simple rules: Have FUN and Be Respectful!


Respect The Hotness is lead by the daring duo of Entwine-Archer and Katja. The ranking system after that is fairly fluid. We do require that members sign up on our website before they are no longer 'On Trial'.

The ranking system is based more on personality and guild contributions than character levels, however, for now rights and permissions are limited.

Alliances & Guild Wars

Currently, we are neither allied nor at war with any other guilds. Although in the future we will probably try to team up with other guild who are focused on creating a crazy-fun atmosphere.