Welcome to Respect 's guild page. Contact Apprentice-shadow, Royal-Christian, Tresedose, Cloud-Knight, Bite-me, or Areola in-game for more information or if you have any questions.

History Edit

Respect was made by Power on the first day of Solar. It has grown slowly but steadily since then.

The guild started with Power being leader, but has since been passed down to many SiC's. It is currently lead by Apprentice-shadow, an original member.

Activities Edit

Respect does alot of dungeon runs, XP hunts, and drop hunts. You often find Respect's perceptors all throughout the World of Twelve. Although they rarely get attacked, you may come across perceptor fights now and then. We are a very active guild, so you can chat with other members 24/7, but most players are on during daytime Dofus time (GMT+2).

Dungeons: We run almost any dungeon if needed or requested by the members. There is almost always a Frigost or Vulkania group running every day.

Kolossium: Respect members are very trusting in their fellow members and often do Kolossium matches with each other. Don't be afraid to ask. :D

Guild Houses and Paddocks Edit

Houses Edit

Respect guild house

Respect's Guild House, Canopy Village

Medium-sized house in the Canopy Village [-51,18].
Small house in Pandala Village [23,-34].

Paddocks Edit

Cania Plains Paddock

Respect's Paddock. Cania Plains

Bonta (Breeders' Quarter) [-35,-56] Max 4.
Cania Plains (Rocky Plains) [-18,-49] Max 17.
Brakmar (Tailors' Quarter) [-24,35] Max 6.
Astrub (Astrub Meadow) [10,-17] Max 9.
Astrub (Astrub Meadow) [11,-20] Max 8.

Rules Edit

  • No scamming the chat.
  • The guild chat is not an Encyclopedia for bad language; don't overuse swear words.
  • Treat all members with "respect".
  • Do not aggro fellow members without their permission.
  • Do not beg members for free kamas or items.

Requirements Edit

We no longer have a standard level requirement to join (though your level will increase your likelihood of being accepted). Instead, you will be asked three question:

  1. What is your level?
  2. Who is your main (most frequently used character), if not your current one?
  3. Why would you like to join?

If we like what we hear, we will send you an invite shortly after and you will be officially welcomed as a member of the family. :D

Ranks Edit

All ranks in Respect, aside from SiC, are determined by the level of each player.

Rank Experience Donation
Second in Command See "Alternative Method"
Treasurer 180+
Protector 160-179
Reservist 140-159
Guard 120-139
Scout 100-119
Apprentice 80-99

[NOTE: This table is inaccurate due to an increase in high-leveled members and decrease in lower levels. At the moment, ranks are personally determined by the Leader or a SiC.]

Alternative Method Edit

Second in Command
- Hand-picked by Leader

Any other rank requests will be handled by Leader or a SiC privately (Royal-Christian is THE Chosen One, so don't bother asking for that rank).

Members Edit


Leader and Second in Commands

Name Level Rank
Apprentice-shadow 200 Leader
Tresedose 200 Second in Command
Takahashimo 200 Second in Command
Cloud-knight 200 Second in Command
Bite-me 200 Second in Command
Areola 199 Second in Command
Royal-Christian 187 Second in Command/Chosen One

You can see the full list of Members and the guild's activities here on the Dofus guild pages:

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