Requiem was created on 00:22 DUT, September 9th, 2006.

Member List Edit

  • Dungo, 83 Xelor
  • Erik-Salacavalini, 63 Sram
  • Riffi, 73 Feca
  • Billylemmon, 104 Osa
  • SandyWuvsKyle, 57 Sadida
  • Noelette, 73 Feca
  • Zakul, 106 Osa
  • KyleWuvsSandy, 65 Xelor
  • RedBirds, 70 Sadida
  • Plants, 49 Sadida
  • The-Kindred, 58 Sacrier
  • -x-Tia-x-, 70 Ecaflip
  • Ken, 62 Iop
  • Felineia, 58 Ecaflip
  • -D-e-z-, 32 Sram
  • krazykarl, 47 Sram
  • Beppe, 33 Enutrof
  • amish, 36 Enutrof
  • Sammal-Habe, 38 Enutrof
  • SnowBleach, 36 Sacrier
  • Muffincake, 43 Xelor
  • nemnac, 75 Cra
  • Bister, 50 Eniripsa
  • Bartling, 32 Iop

Guild History Edit

Requiem was created by leader Zakul and the original officers after the death of Pink. However, Requiem is completely independent despite containing a high percentage of old Pink guildies. As a guild, Requiem promotes freedom of speech and spirit and goofiness. The ability to enjoy the testicular tearing of Whitish Lupis is particularly appreciated as a guild member characteristic.

Hierarchy Edit

The leader of Requiem, Zakul, holds the ultimate decision-making authority, but important decisions that affect the whole guild are discussed among the Officers members of the Council of Doom. The original Officers are trusted friends of Zakul, and new Officers will be chosen by consensus between Zakul and the existing Officers. Other ranks are promoted based on loyalty, commitment, and charisma.

The official guild xp has been set at 2%. Although, if a guild member has a high amount donated, that is taken into account for promotions.

Love and War Edit

Requiem currently has no official allies or any official enemies.

Recruitment Information Edit

Sadida: Level 45
Osamodas: Level 54
Enutrof: Level 31
Sram: Level 48
Xelor: Level 42
Ecaflip: Level 54
Eniripsa: Level 26
Iop: Level 48
Cra: Level 54
Feca: Level 50
Sacrier: Level 45
Pandawa: Level 54

We are flexible about this requirement, and will bend that guideline in cases where the applicant shows exceptionally good character and is just fun to be around.