Main article: Renegades Of Funk.

Members and ranks
Guild Rank Name.
Leader Robocana
Second In CommandSong
Second In CommandSukai
ServantThyne (Servant of Roxel.)
Initiate Randomdudex
Initiate Timed-vision
Initiate Faith-healer
Initiate Moop
Initiate Wippyaren
Initiate Boondocks
Initiate Zemyx
Initiate Salience
Chosen One Revolution
Recruiting Officer Hebe
Breeder Ishtar
Apprentice Anarchy
On Trial Ganesha
On Trial Kathethe
On Trial Caspertheghost
On Trial Skry
On Trial Sun-shine
On Trial Holyweed
On Trial Deathly-summoner
On Trial Sourceress

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