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Relentless Fury Members

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  • Sofolous is our guild leader. Fancy your chances against an eca? Well don't try this one. She didn't get where she is today by the flip of a coin.

Council MembersEdit

  • An Osa of distinction (at least 13), a true Second in Command, an osamodas with a POC to watch out for. The second person to join Relentless Fury, and it's longest standing member.
  • Well, he's fluffy, and most people would like to see him on the bonnet of their car...
  • A Lv 200 Osa with a devastating Bwork Magus.


  • Our latest Sic, mad as a fruitcake - watch out for her frying pan

Guild Entry Edit

  • Minimum level 120 for new entrants.
  • (The guild allows one or two under lvl 120 entrant at all times. This player is actively encouraged to level to guild minimum as soon as possible. Allows for friends of existing guild members to join)
  • No swearing or obscene language in guild chat - we want our guild to be a happy and friendly environment.
  • Do not aggro guild members unless you arrange it with them first - again, this helps to keep everything friendly.
  • Contributions to guild xp is set at 3% minimum. Rights to amend this is given at an early point (donation to guild xp must be 10000 or greater), but infringement of the minimum 3% rule will result in frequent reminders and eventually having the right removed.
  • Under level 120 and level 199 guild members are permitted to set guild xp to 0% (for level 199 members, they must have donated 50000 xp to guild). In the case of the under level 120, this is to allow them to reach guild minimum as soon as is possible. For level 199 members it is to assist them in reaching the long sought after and ever so far away max level in the game.
  • As guild ranks/rights are based on xp given to the guild, some new members have chosen to increase their contribution to attain these ranks. While this is appreciated, our guild's policy is to encourage members to level themselves along with the guild.

Guild Alliances & Guild Wars Edit

[23:17] (Guild) Mizzey: RF is an independent guild which thrives on the utmost amazingnessosities of its members!!

Which Alliance are we in?  Well, wait and see..

Guild Ranks Edit

Ranks are awarded based on guild xp donations, some rights go hand in hand with rank, others are awarded based on a decision made by the council.

Rank Guild XP Donation Details and Rights
On Trial None This rank is given to those who have just joined the guild, at this stage you may still be kicked from the guild without a reason.
Dogsbody 1000 Horrible horrible rank - get more xp quick to move on.
Apprentice 10000 Manage own XP

This rank is given to members after they have been with us a short while.

Merchant 25000 This is where your journey will really begin, you have donated enough XP for other guildees to start trusting in you, to join dungeon runs and enjoy the Relentless Fury experience.
Mentor 50000 Place and collect a perceptor

This rank is the next step on the ladder to success. You have proven yourself trustworthy, and are gaining the respect of the council. None at crackrocks please.

Guide 75000 Can use/arrange paddocks
  • Level 120 minimum

You've proven yourself friendly, trustworthy and active in-game. More is expected of you in the guild, joining in with guild events is a must.

Governor 100000 Defending perceptors is now an important part of your guild activity, as is scouting other guild's perceptors. Knowing the strengths of other guild members is very important in this role.
Treasure Hunter 150000 This rank encourages you to spend more time with other guild members, protecting them in dungeons, providing extra assistance when needed. Helping with drops is important.
Secretary 175000

You are now fully dedicated to the guild. Helping out other guild members is required, along with perceptor defense.

Diplomat 200000 Diplomats will defend perceptors whenever they can. Trust is a major factor and is reflected in additional responsibility. Will help settle disputes if any arise in guild.
Spy 250000 No, it doesn't mean you use your alts to find out and attack other guild's percs - tut tut. But it will help when you defend perc's to be knowledgeable about character classes and abilities.
Scout 300000
Guard 350000 Defending percs is essential, or why be a guard :D
Reservist 400000
Protector 450000
Treasurer 500000 * Can choose own rank - no not SIC or leaderTreasurers are expected to shoulder the weighty responsibility. They must make sure every guild member feels happy about decisions within Relentless Fury and communicate this back to the council.
Recruiting Officer N/A Will require council vote before assignment

Appointed by council to help deal with new applications to join and to manage xp of guild members.

Counselor N/A Appointed by Leader to join counsel and help with running of the guild, enforcing rules, updating ranks, and contributing to decision making.
Second in Command N/A

All rights

  • Second in Commands will never extend to more then 5.

These ranks are given to those most trusted within the guild, They have all the rights needed and must have the respect of all guildees. When dealing with a problem you may approach these before the leader if needed, they are also encouraged to help with changing ranks etc...

Leader Sofolous

She's great - and shiny - and and and... {quick someone else say something nice}

Guild Chat Edit

Why a section on guild chat? Well, do you remember Incarnum chat and how insane it can get? As a result, a few recommendations to guild members:

  • No swearing or offensive chat. If you need to say stuff like that - find an empty room, preferably one with a cupboard you can put your head in before you let off steam.
  • No spam selling in guild chat, if you are thinking of selling some of your items let us know, especially if you are willing to offer at reduced cost to guild members, but don't continually offer the same things over and over again.
  • It's good to say you are looking to buy an item, you never know whats kicking around in the back of someone else's cupboards.
  • No spam offers to buy items - especially at significantly below market value. Who wouldn't be annoyed at offers to buy your mushrooms at 100 kamas? Or mush mush sporm at 1kk...
  • No fight chat - if you are in a fight with guild members (unless its a guild event) dont litter the chat with requests to hit the one on the left, people not in the fight have no idea what you are talking about. Group chat please!

Guild Professionals Edit

Actually there's loads of professions in guild - check the forum or ask in guild. The Leader and Sics have every profession/specialization between them at level 100. Many other members have professions at 100 to account for when they are offline.

Guild InviteEdit

Relentless Fury Invite

Relentless Fury Invite