Who are we?Edit

Red alert is a new guild on Shika, with lots of friendly members willing to make conversation. Don't hesitate to ask us for anything, and as we are recruiting feel free to make Red alert your home!


As long as you're active, you can join! We don't really have a level cap, but we'd prefer it if you were level 10+.

Important and Leading membersEdit

Perles, Sympa-tique, Thii, Chaleine, Hexii, Symperine and Depe are the most trusted and important leaders, and have all the rights.

Depe is the official leader, along with Symperine, the Second in Command.

If you need any help, these are the people to ask!


The ranks are based on your class.

  • Cra - Scout
  • Ecaflip - Percepter Killer
  • Eniripsa - Nuisance
  • Enutrof - Treasurer
  • Feca - Guard
  • Iop - Protecter
  • Osamodas - Pet Killer
  • Pandawa - Poacher
  • Sacrier - Torturer
  • Sadida - Craftsman
  • Sram - Spy
  • Xelor - Diplomat

Also, you will earn more rights from high amounts of guild XP donated and contribution to the guild.