1. Just gotta be fun cool and humorous. We need more people like you to liven our day of daily dofus =D
  2. Well...just be over level 50
  3. Preferably p2p over level 50 :)
  4. ...and brak...bonta is ok...but brak would be nicer
  5. Last but not least, dont talk smack about our guild members...even more don't agress them. You wouldn't like anyone aggressing you now, would you?

Ranking Edit

This guild is ranked according to the person's level.

For whatever reason that the current leader wants to resign, he will hand pick one of those that are trustworthy to him to carry on.
Well known to the leader. thats all :)
Current Officers 
  • --mando-- lvl 100 Aka NOOB
  • --silver- lvl 101
  • Iceshowers lvl 100
  • Fatherclock lvl 81
  • Dynasty-Warrior lvl 93
  • --cat-woman-- lvl 70
  • onikazekage lvl 70
level 60, same rights of officers with the exception of manage boost
level 50 profession, They have the rights to invite new members, and place a perc, along with collecting the items from their perc.
level 50, all rights of treasurers with an exception of managing XP
level 40, Same rights as manufacturers except manage exp
On Approval 
You will be on this list until one of the officers, or leader, will rank you. You must be level 40 and over. We will observe you for a couple of days ^^

Perceptor Edit

We hunt
We kill
We unite as one
and of course, we place our perc there to show how powerful we are (for the time being)

this guild is byfar still under construction, along with the ranking system.