Rebirth has been dead for about 2 years now. Consize is now in a different guild that's led by Poppet, Lindum Colonia.

Rebirth was a mixed-alignment guild that was founded as the third Guild on Shika by Lux-tits.

Rebirth was one of the best Guilds on Shika and was closed to anyone not level 40+. Rebirth had a break-up, everyone was kicked from the guild. It later managed to regroup and managed to regain a healthy 35+ members. Rebirth then made a guild dedicated to training younger members (20+) ,Rebirth acadamy, which would ship off graduated characters to rebirth at lvl 40. It was lead by Doros-skills and co-lead by lux-love (lux-tits' alternate character) it used to take in members and successfuly shipped many people to be trained in rebirth.

Update: 26/08/2007

After a second break up of the guild, and the unfortunate departure of Lux-tits from Shika, Rebirth is was lead by Consize.

Unfortunatly, due to a lot of inactive players, Rebirth somewhat declined, and opened it's doors to those of lower levels than the original, 40+ decided.