Rebels is a Rushu mixed guild. It is a guild for helpfull people by helpfull people. Home of those that enjoy the company of friendly people, who love to go on hunts, take risks, and have a great time with others. The guild always has open arms for new recruits that are, well, friendly and helpfull.

The guild was started un the middle of august 2006, by a few friends that wanted a guild to call thier own. The guild has been growing slowly, but has been forming a strong member base.

Our website is

Rank requirements for the guild 'Rebels'

There is no lvl requirement for the guild.

No requirements of xp percentage to the guild.

Apprentice: Entery Lvl rank to the guild, no requirement, no guild rights.

Scout: 1000 xp to guild required, rights are that you can invite members to the guild.

Guard: 5000 xp to the guild, you can invite members and also set xp.

Servant 10k xp to the guild, collect kamas from percs, invite, and set xp.

Reservist:15k xp to the guild, collect kamas, harvested items, invite, and set xp.

Protector: 20k xp to the guild, collect kamas, collect harvested items, and place percs, invite, set xp.

Treasurer: 25k xp to the guild, collect kamas, collect harvested items, collect items from perc, invite, set xp.

Officer: Hand picked for merits to the guild, trust and ability to handle situations.

Manufacturer: lvl 30 in two jobs.

If you are interested at all in the guild pm wizo(leader), Sparrki (officer), or Framed(recruiting officer).