Reapers of RushuEdit

This is a fairly new guild located on the server Rushu started by me, rubyreaper. All levels and alignments are allowed to join.


In our guild, we love adding people of all levels. I will remove certain people from the guild though. Plz do not use our guild chat to sell your items. That's what the trading chat is for. I do not mind you asking people if they want to buy something but spamming with messages is not ok. Please speak english. I know the game was made in France, but Rushu is an english server and I am an American. :) And last but not least please do not degrade lower levels. You were a lower level at 1 point too!


Levels 1 to 39:

0-499 experience given: Guide

500-1199 experience given: Chosen One

1200-1999 experience given: Counsellor

2000-2999 experience given: Governer

3000-4199 experience given: Diplomat

4200-5499 experience given: Guard

5500-7999+ experience given: Protector

handpicked by rubyreaper: Second in Command

levels 40+:

0-999 experiece given: Guide

1000-4999 experience given: Chosen One

5000-14999 experience given: Counsellor

15000-24999 experience given: Governer

25000-37999 experience given: Diplomat

38000-54999 experience given: Guard

55000-83999 experience given: Protector

84000 experience given or hand selected by rubyreaper: Second in Command

I would like it if everyone could give at least 5%


All except the listed rights are given as soon as you join. This is a list of rights and required ranks:

Place/Collect from perceptor: Counsellor

Manage boosts: Diplomat

Ban: Protector

The rights of managing other members' experience, managing other members' mount, and manage ranks are given out by rubyreaper as he seems fit.

Other ServersEdit

Once our guild gets to a decent size, we plan on expanding to other english speaking servers such as Oto Mustam, Solar, Rosal, and so forth. If you have any questions, ask rubyreaper.


Lately a lot of members haven't been as active as I would like. I will go through the list and everyone that hasn't been on in over 2 weeks will be deleted. If u get deleted and you feel like u had a good reason why you weren't on, just talk to rubyreaper.