Rainbow Power is an extremely welcoming guild to all gay, bi, or gay friendly newcomers, located on the Rushu server. We're currently only a lvl 15 guild but we're rapidly growing as stronger and more dedicated members join us. We are however focused more on having a fun and social time than having a strong guild, despite the fact that we are looking for decent lvl memebers. As a guild we are not looking to 'take over' the Dofus world, but rather have a community of friends that enjoy playing the game without the stigma.

Come, enjoy the way the game should be played!

Guild rules:

  • No harrasing other members (unless its only joking around) this includes pvp,and or miswanted language.
  • No harrasing Allied guilds. Same as above, no pvp, nor unappropiate language.

No Aggressing Allied Guild members or their Percs. Breaking Allied rules can result in immediate expulsion from guild !!

Allied Guilds:

  • Implusive Chaos
  • Purity
  • Life By The Sword

(Members from allied guilds are to follow the same rules. If anyone finds these rules to be broken please report to Mr-Tink immediately!)

  • We respect all beliefs, so please respect our lifestyle.

Requirements to join:

  • Gay, bi, or gay friendly
  • Our guild accepts a variation of levels, so no need to fret about that

If you fit these requirements and would like to join or ask further questions please pm any of the following people:

  • Mr-Tink (Leader)
  • TommyE
  • Rainbow-Pride
  • Frozin-Time