Log Horizon was founded December 15, 2013 and was renamed to Rageborn at August 25, 2014.

Guild PolicyEdit

Our policy is man before ranks, friends before guilds and fun before everything. Being friendly and honest, we expect that in return, in that and other ways adhering to the proverbs "do unto others as they do unto you", and "don't do what you wish not done to you."

Leader and OfficersEdit

  • Heiyeshi
  • Kirishura
  • Zurii / Azuro
  • Rakieton
  • Chronicgreen

You can contact Heiyeshi or any of the others for questions related to guild problems and politics, provided you find us online.

Special membersEdit

  • Treasure Hunter - Trusted member of the guild. You may ask them for informations when officers are offline.

Recruitment and informationsEdit

We are slowly building our community. We are recruiting people with level above 120. Also you have to be able communicate in english and be active.  

If you are inactive for 30 - without informing either Second in Command or the leader - you will get removed from the guild.

Place a Perceptor - at least 100.000 experience donated to guild.

Invite new member - at least month in guild.

Can use paddock - rank on request.


Mascot Alternative character of regular member.
Mentor Alternative character of leader or Second in Command.
Guild ranks are mainly based on your level.
Guild Rank Level
Thief Level 120-149..
Torturer Level 150-169..
Murderer Level 170-189. 
Governor Level 190-200.
Reservist At least 100.000 exp donated.
Treasurer At least 500.000 exp donated.
Craftsman At least three profession at level 100.
Muse Female with different rank than Second in Command.