Guild InformationEdit

  • Creation date: June 8, 2007 by Gorgonzola
  • Language spoken: English (while this may seem obvious as this is an English server, you'd be surprised...)
  • An Introduction: The guild, Radioactive Llamas, is what can be best described as "one of a kind". Filled with such extravagant members such as the generous and sweet Phaxi, the fungus pirate Aether, the lovely and charming Kringle, the sometimes crude but always on point Jailbait Alleviate, the aloof and playful Rei, the much-missed and much-loved Boost, the blindingly white Vruu, the crazy and somewhat homocentric Isty, the generally inebriated Touchit, the beautiful and inspiring Nenita, the danger-prone Silus, the insolent and intimidating Elu, the mildly gender-confused Alzael, the dashing and occasionally suicidal Setzer, and the fearless leader Gorgonzola, only the best and the bravest dare to challenge them.

Requirements for JoiningEdit

  • Level 30+ (exceptions for those with sparkling personalities)
  • Aged 15+ (in case of more mature subject matter that may arise in guild chat)
  • Able to bite people and cause them to transform into superhuman vigilantes wearing spandex
  • Able to spell "llama"
  • Make offerings of various goodies to the magnificent, marvelous, mad Madame G. herself. Waffles count for extra brownie points

Note: Those who spam join request messages will be dealt with severely (see "fork to the eye").