If your not wasted, the night is...

History Edit

Radiance was created on February 24th by Fluffed and Gnorts. We have been around Dofus for many years and are more commonly known for our old mains, LadyEleanor (Fluffed) and Zombo (Gnorts).

Invitation Edit

To join Radiance you must find one of us, we don't want to spam recruitment chat in hopes of getting people who don't even want to be in our guild, if you want to be in Radiance, just ask.

Requirements Edit

The current level requirement to join Radiance is 80. Although if your level 60-79 and you think your too cool for us to pass up, PM me and we can get you in here as a Mascot.

Ranks Edit

Our current ranking system is based on trust most of the people that we have known and we're asked to join personally have near full rights, a rank system will be implemented in due time.

  • Leader: Fluffed (LadyEleanor)
  • Second In Command: Gnorts (Zombo)

Rules Edit

  • You must donate a minimum of 1% exp, more than that is nice too!
  • No begging for leeching or money, if you need help and ask once people will be more than willing to help.
  • If you join you should be active in /g as much as possible.
  • And the last rule, no talking shit to other people, we like to keep a good reputation.
  • Guild chat must be in English, short sentences in a different language are fine in /g but no full on conversations please.
  • No aggressiveness to other members of Radiance, unless it's for a bounty and the player gave you permission or if it's a prism fight.