The Start Edit

On June 23rd of 2008 the Eniripsa Natalia-Heals created "Rabia" because she was asked to by some old members of "The Iron Guard". Torrido-asino (Jess) and Zwen(we just call him zwen) were the first to join and the rest is history.

Joining Requirement Edit

We currently have no joining level.

Rules Edit

1. Limit swearing

2. What Leader/Second in Command says, it goes

3. No begging. We have a zero tolerance policy for begging. If you beg u are banned.

4. 5% experience given is required but guards may change their own to under 2% if they wish, their own only though.

5. Well have fun. Remember its just a game

Ranking Edit

Mascot: Required Level: -50

Maximum Level: 49

Recruiting Officer: Required Level:50

Maximum Level: 79

Treasure Hunter: Required Level: 80

Maximum Level: 99

Guard: Required Level: 100

Maximum Level: 200 ☺

Second in Command: Second in Commands are hand picked by Natalia-Heals but the current SiC(second in commands), and Zwen, have a say in it too.