Hi welcome to the guild Purgatory (basically the name Purgatory means niether heaven nor hell, which inspires mixed alignment of bonta and brak)

some rules

if place collector pick it be4 logging off

no ganging not unless they gang u ( or prims fights or in dung )

no bugging 4 right.

main rule HAVE FUN

don't attack collector if people farming on map


got paddock

good time

free crafts

lot of guild hunt and drop hunts :)

free scrolls

free leaching too

we also have events like give xp to guild 4 30 min on with most will get a prize

How to get rank and what u get from rank. stay in guild give xp and do guild hunts leader and second in command and equal cuz it a gf and bf guild :)

treasure this is some one that is in control of one guild collector and make scrolls 4 the guild :) to get this rank ya have to be trusted by leaders and xp to guild

protector this person help to protector this collector with all the guild too. rank give to people what give xp to guild place collector too

craftsman some on that 80+ on their profession and dose free crafts for guild's :)

servart make hunt and help ppl lvl and drop get this rank if ya good at soloing and take ppl with ya.

collector kill ppl that kill collector but dont kill other ppl what on map farming :)

recruiting officer some that good with ppl not many place of this and have to get 1 person in guild a week until guild full .

breeder this person need to be a handy man and breed mounts this is a trusted place and cost a lto to make items but crater will help get items i hope :)

apprentice ppl what are new to guild and got a place and ranked until earned right to better rank .

too jion pm blondii or luke-almiighty look forward to meeting to and haveing fun :)