How it all startedEdit

Providence was created by Dishonor, a level 73 Iop on 02 December 2008, with a hope of making a fun-loving guild with loads of events taking place. It is only 2 days old and the guild's current level is two. The first few crucial members are Shadoweye, Granny-Slaughters and Kiloy.

Who we are looking forEdit

Actually, we are in need of members. We are looking for lvl 30 and above, english speaking P2P members. So you if seek interest in our guild give Dishonor or Kiloy a pm :D


As i mentioned, we are still new and events may take time to proceed. We plan on having fortnight lotteries, monthly races, and some troll fair tours, and many other events, as we all believe a guild is only complete when its bonded together as a team.

Paddocks? Guild Houses?Edit

We don't have any fancy paddocks and guild houses like the other big guilds. But we do hope to get a paddock soon!

Thank you for visiting our page.