The name says it all. We're just about hanging out, chatting and killing stuff. We help each other out, and basically just try to have fun. Not a guild for hardcore players.

Officers Edit

Leader: Senzei

2nd-in-Commands: Shoraya, God-Will-Fall, Bokura, Diamond-Lady

Chat Rating and Decorum Edit

We normally don't employ any filters in our chat, but since we have some younger members, it would be advisable to exercise some self-discipline when necessary.

Guildies are expected to behave and treat other guildies with respect. Witty banter and repartee are welcome, but flaming and derogatory remarks are not.

Guild Rules Edit

We only have a couple of rules:

1. No assholes.

2. Treat fellow guildies with respect.

3. No spamming (assume everyone can read, and that they don't immediately reply because they're in a fight, or afk).

Rank and Rights Edit

Rights will be given on a trust basis.

Ranks are given depending on the weather outside, the character's level, class, number and level of profession, the humidity in Thailand, what color underwear Shoraya is wearing, and the number of times Afroluffy can mess up a challenge in one dungeon run (including the soul). In other words, it's a case to case kind of thing.


- If a guildy has a high level profession/craft, they are given the option to be ranked as Craftsman.

- Any guildy who would like to be ranked DT Breeder will need to have experience for it, and rank will be given upon request.

A Place to Call Home, a Paddock to Park Mounts Edit

We have a guild house in Bonta, and paddocks located in Brakmar.

Officers will have access to the guild chest in the house (which will contain resources collected from Perceptors, various items, like souls collected for guild activities, and some revolving equipment that guildies can borrow/use for their alts), and members who would like to breed mounts or use the paddocks, need to have contributed a certain amount of guild experience to earn the right.

Allies and Friends Edit

We don't really make a practice out of picking fights, but if push comes to shove, we'll shove back.

Recruiting Edit

Anyone interested to join the clan can PM the leader or one of the officers. To date, our minimum level requirement is set at 60.

Forums Edit

Find out more about us, or just join the chaos at our forums by visiting this link: Procrastination Forums