Pokemon is a highly active, tight knit group of players of dofus. As a guild, we partake in daily scheduled group dungeon runs (Bworker, Tynril, Soft Oak being guild favorites) and help each other out with personal goals. The minimum entry level for Pokemon is level 100, Aswell as having graduated the training guild Pokemon Neo. To graduate Pokemon Neo, You must be level 100 and have donated at least 10,000 Exp. While 100 is the lowest level we allow the guild is filled with many 150 to 200 level players.

We value manners and the ability to get along with others. We want our members to be active in our day to day hunts and dungeons because it's not a guild if no one cares. Pokemon is also the number one dofus guild on (the #1 gamer IM service).

The Pokemon guild is lead by -INVISIGOTH-(200), -tuxx-(200), watt(200) who are both second in command. The other officers of Pokemon are calbleman(199), -Shadow-Sadida-(199), Aaliya(199) and Drachma(199). You can contact any of these people regarding joining Pokemon.

Pokemon's Training Guild is Pokemon Neo for people below level 100. Pokemon Guild also added Shadow Pokemon as a third guild due to the other two being 100% full. Shadow's Leader is Drachma but tuxx and Invisigoth co run it with him. People wishing to join the main guild, "Pokemon" will usually have to go through a certain trial period in either the Neo or Shadow guild before being invited to Pokemon, even if they are above level 100. This trial period usually includes getting a certain amount of guild experience points at a set 5% XP given. In August 2010 Pokemon added one of Rushu's original gulds "MurderInc" (run by -tuxx- since 2007) to the Pokemon family of guilds. Currently Shadow Pokemon is not in use due to there being room in Pokemon Neo, This may chance in future.

If your looking for a active guild with "pre-scheduled" guild runs Pokemon may be right for you. Contact -INVISIGOTH-, -tuxx-, or any other member for information on joining.