Created By -Time-Hands-(Xelor)






0-Adidas-o(Sadida) We are a down to earth guild, and helping our members acheive personal goals is our aim. What we do not tolerate is alot of swearing, I meant come on, who wants to hear people performing certain acts with certain members of anothers family?. We also hate spammers. But, our absolute greatest opposition is a bluff cat who thinks they own everything. If this is you....expect to be aggressed.

We love to go on hunts as a team, not neccecarily for drops, but usually just to see what we can kill, and what we cant. We are mostly Brakmarian, but it is not a requirement to join.


-Lvl 20+

-P2p is suggested

-Sense of humor, dont be a coward

-Help other members if at all possible

-Have almost all Zaap locations