Pimps of Heaven is the Rosal guild for those who like to play in relaxing atmosphere. We are mixed alignment guild but as many of us do professions bontarians prevail over brakmarians and neutrals.

General informationEdit


Pimps of Heaven is a relatively old guild (was created before the March'2008 though the exact date is unknown). Current leader - Nikto - took over the guild in the middle of 2008. Since that time the guild slowly but steadily grow, were bought guild's houses, paddock, launched breeding programme.

Guild's MissionEdit

Have fun the way you like it.

Current GoalsEdit

  • Provide guildies with every possible craft and maging.
  • Provide guildies with every possible type of mount.
  • Create calm, relaxing, friendly atmosphere for every member.


General rulesEdit

  • Pimps of Heaven is an international guild therefore the main language is english. Using any other language is prohibited if at least one person who doesn't understand it is on.
  • Politeness and respect to others. Any personal matters, all quarrels and so on should be discussed in private. No dirty laundry on the guild's channel.
  • Guild's channel should be used to discuss things related to guild (Please, do not pm Leader or SiC about ranks or rights).
  • Spam and begging for items or kamas aren't welcomed.

XP DonationEdit

  • Minimum XP donation is 5% (5% won't hurt levelling but will help a lot for levelling the guild)
  • Maximum XP donation is 50% (exception can be made if a character needs a reset but too close to the level at which a new dungeon is added)


There is no rank system. All members are On Trial when they join the guild, then Apprentice.


  • SiC (no comments),
  • Breeder (a member has his/her own mounts, breeding program and a time for breeding),
  • Craftsman (a member has to have at least 2 professions he/she is working on and he/she is willing to provide his service for free for guildies).
  • Diplomat (an alternative character representing friendly guild)
  • Recruiting Officer (a member responsible for recruiting new members, almost full-time job)


  • invite new members - no requirements
  • use paddocks - rank Apprentice (only use, other paddock rights are reserved for breeders)
  • place perceptor/collect from perceptor - lvl 90 and rank Apprentice
  • manage your xp donation - rank Apprentice and 100 000 donated xp

all other rights are given by Leader or Second in Command (SiC)

Guild's professionsEdit

Craft and maging are free for guildies who donated 10 000 xp to the guild.

For now we have these professions at lvl 100 (for the complete list of professions check the guild's forum)

Gathering professionsEdit


Crafting professionsEdit



dagger smith


Dagger smithmagus
Shovel smithmagus
Axe Smithmagus
Sword Smithmagus
Hammer Smithmagus
Staff carvmagus
Wand Carvmagus
Bow Carvmagus

Guild's propertyEdit

All guild's property now is in Bonta (Tailor's District) but if we have more brakmarian members we'll buy house and paddock in Brakmar, too.


  • Three floors Bonta house with 1 chest
Bonta house 1 small

Medium Bonta house

  • Three floors Bonta house with 2 chests
Pimps Big Bonta house

Big Bonta house

NB Chests in the houses are reserved for storing crafting materials therefore access to them is restricted to craftsmen and SiC's.


  • Small paddock in the Tailor's District of Bonta
Pimps Bonta paddock

3 slots paddock near the Guild House

  • Big paddock (Cania Plains)
Pimps Big Paddock

11 slots paddock

Mounts raised in guild's paddocks are available for guild members with discount or for free (see the forum for the details).


Requirements for candidatesEdit

  • level 70+ (80+ preferred)
  • maturity
  • decent english
  • self-efficiency
  • main character

Recruitment contactsEdit

In GameEdit
Nikto - Leader of the guild
Cold-princess - Second in Command
Ki-Mor - Recruiting Officer
On Imps Village forumsEdit