Phoenix Knights was founded early 2006 by a group of friends. After much deliberation the Phoenix Knights name and logo was decided. The name and color theme relates to Phoenix, the mythical sacred firebird. The guild lasted for several months but came to an end when the majority of the high ranked members stopped playing. 1 year passed and 2 of the friends from the group got speaking and decided to play Dofus again to resurrect the guild. The Phoenix Knights guild officially returned in early 2007.

With time we hope to become a more serious clan and challenge some of the top guilds.

Although it is listed the Disintegration is the leader of the Phoenix Knights, it must be stressed that even though Limones is classed as "second in command" he has the same rights and authority as the leader. Terresa Green is "third in command" and has similar rights.

Current High Ranking Members Edit

Second In Command 
Chosen One 
Tasker (Disintegration)

Note: Penitent members can gain their default rank by signing up to the forums and posting under the relative forum. Until this is done, the character will remain as a Penitent rank.

Previous High Ranking Members Edit

Amesha, Kuhja, Alan.

Join Us Edit

There are no requirements to join the Phoenix Knights guild as of yet. All we ask is that you follow the guild rules which is posted on our forums. (This is given to you when you join the guild.) Most importantly, have fun and be serious when you have to be!

If you're interest then you can contact Disintegration, Limones, TerreasGreen or Tasker through Dofus (Private message) and we'll get back to you. We may not always be online so be patient and try at regular intervals.

Phoenix Animations Edit

Phoenix Animations is an idea thought of by Disintegration (Leader). It's basically a plan to create animations out of the Dofus engine. It has been done on other games such as Runescape and Halo.

The idea will be going in to development in the near future.