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Phoenix Pinion - The Wings Of Rebirth. Made 2nd April, 2007 by ImpulseSpirit.

This guild is currently empty, but perhaps looking to recruit in the future if a good core of people want to join. Contact "Alhia" in game if you are interested in helping to build it back up!

This guild is aimed at bringing all manor of friends together, from all sides of the globe and from all different walks of life. It is my pleasure to be the leader of this guild and as such, I will do everything that I can to make sure that the stay of all the members in this guild will be as enjoyable as it can be.

This guild depends on it's members to help level it and to make it grow. There are no exp requirements or level requirements to this guild, although if you wish to give exp, it means that you're rank and status will go up.

We do not tolerate rudeness in this guild. If you have a problem with another guild member, then please talk about it with ImpulseSpirit and we can set up a discussion between the two of you, and have a mediator (someone to stop the fight if it gets too much) and try to resolve it. While I do recognise that not everybody in the guild will get along, I do expect some sort of 'friendliness' toward one another, as we are family!.

Activities: Our guild will be hosting a range of activities, including raffles where you can win BIG prizes including free month in P2P, bread baskets, meat baskets and even kamas. We also host Guild Hunts and dungeon runs

Ranking & Rights Rights will be given as your ranks improve. When you first join our guild, you will placed into the 'trial' category until you have donated 500exp to our guild.