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we are a new and outstanding guild based on the principals of friendship and support ... the leader of the guild is "cloudnineandahalf" a really awesome girl that dares to help those in need ^^ if u wont to join guild talk to her and join one of the most warmest guild family in dofus.... visit our forum for more info. Perfection is a relitivley new guild and is risin greatness, a high amount of ppl have passed through this glorious guild, some great and some not so.... .

Ahhhh, its was about time we updated this page. ^^;

Perfection grew a lot these days, dedicated members can do some awesome stuff :). Perfection was created a long time ago by my great friend, cloud (cloudnineandahalf at the time), an amazing girl with a big, warm heart :D. However, she's not leader anymore, she's 2nd in command since the day she passed down her post to PrincessOfLife, another great friend of mine. Formed by warm hearted people (with a good dose of sarcastic humor), and yes, we deserve the title of warmest family on dofus. Why? try joining and find out! I promise that if you're searching for a guild with REAL CARING MEMBERS and with a interesting chat (not STFU n00b and lmao owned biatch crap you see in most), you'll like this guild ^^. So far our level requirement is 40, and ranks will be achieved with actions, not level our money.

I'll leave the rulez to be posted by our princess, for i am just a lowly 2nd in command ^^;... and to add to this lovely intro to this guild, this guild died off a year or so ago due to the absence of PrincessOfLife, as far as is known, the guild is with an alternative character of cloudnineandahalf, which one is not known at this time.

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