Patchworks is a social guild that exists out of the leader wanting to meet new people, and the ambitions of his friends he met in Incarnam that helped him with the first dungeon, showing him how good it is to have friends in Dofus. Goldenheart (Leader) was around level 20 when he made the guild, making it hard to run. Luckily the friends he met in Icarnam backed him up. This guild needs you to back it up! The leader is planning to be changed to Goldenheart (Magma-Moon)'s new main (but Goldenheart is not being destroyed but moved to another guild)

Guild Stats, Alliance and Ranking SystemEdit

Stats (as of the 10th August 2013)

Members: 27

Leader: Goldenheart (Level 54) SiC(s): Xadorz (Level 100), Samith (Level 54)

Guild Level:13

Average Member Level:49

Alliance: Islanders [LIFE]

Ranking System: Cosmetic. It is based on what you like the sound of and what type of character you are (apart from SiC and Leader).

How to attach to the Patchwork (Rules)Edit

No level cap

Must be willing to have fun

Try not to leech as much as possible (as we do not provide this service)

Be online at least 3 times in under 4 weeks (as we know it can be hard to come on sometimes)

Be creative!