Paladin Paladin is a guild dedicated to helping members play Dofus to the best of their ability. Our guild name, Paladin, means "Knights who do good deeds"

Founded on November 5, 2006 we are currently a level 44 guild with close to our maximum membership level. Members have access to the guild house, owned by the guild leader Shawsheen located in Bonta. We are very involved in Dragoturkey breeding and own 3 paddocks for this purpose and for members in which to house their mounts.

We value dedicated mature players who posses a desire to participate in group activities, socialize, and have fun.

Aside from those criteria, level 60 players are strongly prefered, altough promising players may seek an exception. Please contact ingame either Shawsheen or Unkillable for more information on joining, and be sure to read up on our Guild Homepage at, where information about guild rank and rewards are found.