Introduction Edit

Hello and welcome to the official Pain Purifies Guildopedia. Well, we just got started on May 27, 2008. We are a friendly, English speaking guild. We are working on leveling up and getting some more members. And of course, we are working on buying a House/Paddock.

Info Edit

We are an awesome guild. Many of us were friends even before we started the guild. So we did quite a few dungeons in the first place. We are currently working on getting more members and helping them level and have a good Dofus experience. We do MANY dungeons, DAILY, to include The Canidae, Dragon Pig, Wabbit Castle(Yes well even help escort you there lol), Cawwot, Blop, Rainbow Blop Lair, and Crackler. ^^

Our goals are simple, LEVEL, HUNT, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Recruiting Edit

Our minimum level to join the guild is currently 70. However, if you are 65-69, we will let you into the guild, on a trial-like, type thing. We will "help" you level and such to get level 70. One of the key things in our guild is teamwork, and respect. So regardless of level, we do ask that you respectful to others. So, to sum it up, to get in, you must be level 65+, have a good positive attitude, and just be awesome.

Just /w --Wolfradiar--, Noobownage, or Grummnsh any time in game. (wolf is leader lvl 148 sadida ^^)

Coming Soon Edit

We are currently working on getting a guild roster type thing. And once we get a few more member, possibly a dungeon run schedule for weekly or daily dungeons.

End Notes Edit

"Pain Purifies" was created based on a team, and a saying. Meaning, give your 110% in every aspect of your life, and also, no matter what you start, always finish it and never give up. "If you have tears, prepare to shed them now." -William Shakespeare