About us and our objectives Edit

I wish to invite all of you to our guild. Our main objective is creating friendly atmosphere.

The guild's creators are:

  • Calm (Leader)
  • Lithium
  • Roxanne
  • Orchis

Guild rules: Edit

  1. Min. 5% exp given to guild for all classes except Eniripsas and Sacriers (3% for these ones).
  2. English is guild language. Use it on guild chat.
  3. If someone ask the question even stupid one at all and you know the answer. Just answer him. Don't be rude.
  4. You have to be active or so if you're leaving for longer period of time tell to guild leader or guild friends you're about to.
  5. You will get XP Manage and Invite rights at 10k of exp contributed.
  6. You will get Perc's rights at 25k of exp contributed.
  7. We're not expecting any age from you. But we're expecting that you're not a kiddy in behavior.
  8. If you have a problem with guild mate try to solve it without aggression. We're friendly guild, and flaming is under punishment (warning and kick if happens again).
  9. You have to show respect to other guild members if you want to be respected too.
  10. It's a game, fun for you not a job, business or so. Enjoy it!

We've got our Ventrilo server Edit

How to get in? You'll need:

  1. Working microphone!
  2. Downloaded Ventrilo 3.0.1 client
  3. Configured Ventrilo client.

How to get in? Edit

  • You need to know "at least something" about Dofus's world.
  • You have to speak English, at least understand the others.
  • You have to stay cool inside of the guild.
  • If you want to join, tell any of creators in game or pm Calm on ImpsVillage.