Oops I Crit My PantsEdit

Welcome to the guild page for Oops I Crit My Pants. We are an older guild that never really started, now that i am a higher level i can manage my guild!:P We are currently level 19, not too many members, looking to be a very helpful guild! Currently accepting members of all levels that are Active and Leveling. We also would like to get some higher levels in the guild so i could have some strong Second in commands! :)

More about the guild...Edit

Like i said before, were starting out slow... however that doesnt mean this is a "noob" guild. The guild may only be level 16 but it has a Large House in Sufokia, and a 9 Slot Paddock in Frigost. We don't really want any guild enemies at this time until were stronger. But can still be a Friendly, Helpful, and Active guild.


Oops i crit my pants
The only requirements to join the guild is that your active and helpful :) we may put up a level barrier in the near future...

Guild Rules...Edit

  1. Be respectful!
  2. No Scamming whatsoever!
  3. Report any Foul-Play to Any players named Stealth-" " or any Second in Commands.
  4. Be Active! Any in-activity longer than 1 month will result in a ban.
  5. No Perc Stealing or Initiating Guild Wars without the Leader's consent