Background: Omni was created on July 16th, 2013 on the Solar Server. Less then one month old the guild has grown to over 100 members and strives to be a place where peopel can enjoy themselves, socialize and help eachother.

Requirements For Joining: Active Level 40+.

Exp and Ranking: All members have control of their own exp contribution to the guild. The standard contribution is 5%. The rank and rights you receive are solely determined by the amount of experience that a member has given to the guild. All members begin at the rank of Apprentice and have the right to "Invite new members" and "Manage own XP contribution". Bellow is a list of Ranks and Rights achievable through exp contibution.

Rank Contibution New Rights Awarded
Treasurer 100,000 exp or Lv. 150+ Be the main Perdeptor Defender, Retrieve loot from Perceptors
Protector 40,000 exp Arrange Paddocks
Reservist 20,000 exp or  Lv. 100+ Place Percptor, Retrieve loot from your Perceptors
Guard 10,000 exp Place or change alliance prism
Scout 1,000 exp Can use Paddocks