Guild status Edit

Currently inactive as the main guild, Omni, can now hold everyone and Omni itself has space.

About the guild Edit

Born on 22nd of Frauguctor 637 (August 21st 2007), Omni-Academy is the official recruit guild of Omni. It was decided, by Omni, that Juper would lead Omni-Academy with Vox as his officer.

Many of the current Omni members are in the academy to help and guide the new people who have yet to meet the standards set by the main guild.

The current level requirement is 50. If you wish to join, then you must send a message to Cllubergegen, Voxy or Pakus-ug. Edit: Gamara has now taken control of Omni-Academy, so send a message to him if you wish to join. -(By Othe)

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