2nd in Command 
  • Angelic-Touch
  • Angelic-Sheild

Obliteration is a guild for those that want a new adventure. This guild might look like nothing now, but with a little help and determination, it can blossom into a very fun and active guild.

Rulez: Edit

  1. DO NOT agress/mess with fellow Guildies or Alliances.
  2. You must be level 15+.
  3. Be kind, caring, and fun to be around.
  4. If you cause problems before, or during your residency, you will be warned or kicked.

How to join Obliteration: Edit

  1. Be the correct LvL req. (we can make exceptions)
  2. Try to find Killerof-Chaos, Angelic-Touch, Angelic-Sheild, Blu-Panda or someone that is capable to add you.
  3. Ask us, and either we will add you, or we will ask someone who can.
  4. If you have a BAD REP with Us , Indigo Prophecy, Forgotten Realms, or another Alliance, please don't even ask.
  5. Rules and Alliances will get told to you right before you join, so you'll know whether to join or not.

Ranks: Edit


Special Ranks:

  • Breeder: Friend or VERY TRUSTWORTHY person, who is P2P

Angelic-Touch Edit

Touch isn't in this guild because, he is in an old guild. When I first started, I was invited into a guild called... The Band Geek Mafia

Well, months later the guild died and so did the members. About a year later, Nallyoh, made a guild called... Indigo Prophecy, and brought back all the people from TBGM.

So, there you go.

Alliances: Edit

As far as I know, the only Alliances we have are.......

Paddock/Guild House: Edit

We don't have either ATM