Edit: Oathbound has merged with Suffragette.

Entry level: 80+

Guild exp: Minimum 5% - Maximum 50%

  • Barnebey (Leader)
  • Swat-Me (Officer)
  • Makiru (Officer)
  • Doris (Officer)
  • Atier (Officer)

Oathbound: Keeping the promises we make. Made by a core of friends, we work together for resources, and for leveling.

With new rules in place as of just recently, higher lvl guild members are obligated in helping the lower lvls in fights. It makes for a tighter, friendlier environment.

We are a very active guild and our default goings-on is usually killing koalaks or going on dungeon runs, no matter how easy they may be.

Our Guild "Photos" can be found here Oathbound Photobucket

We now have a second guild, Oath-Bound since we were getting too full. Still accepting more members though.