Info Edit

Null is a guild created by its three leaders. The three leaders are very close in real life. Currently two of the leaders are on hiatus, and Excidiun is the only one in charge. He is a skilled professionist and a strong Iop. All members are on 5% XP collection, unless the player requests to add more to the guild. We don't care much for percs, mainly because we don't have the people to defend them.

Rules and Requirements Edit

All three leaders must accept new members. Only the leaders can invite members. Don't make anyone mad. There is no level or alignment requirement. Paid accounts are preferred, but if you're aren't an idiot, that's really all it takes. No 13-year-old "Internet chat speak" crap. We understand language barriers, but there's nothing we hate more than people who rite like this because it easier lolz if u have half a brain u know better thin this! In addition to ignorance, we also despise arrogance. Also we provide free steak dinners thursday nights.