Because black is sexy

We are recruiting active, friendly, cool, FUN, mature people from all over the world, so you will obviously need to speak enough english to understand our dirty jokes ^^ Age doesn't matter as long as you act fine (we used to have a 10 year old incredibly smart baby boy in guild <3(xuuu he was 10 when he started playing he's probably 13 by now!))

Don't be Noob, be Noir
Lvl requirement 
Approval system 
guild members vote for you on Noir forum
Rank system 
on trial > guard/apprentice > the_rank_you_choose (50k donated and atleast 2 weeks in the guild) > second in command > leader
We have 10 spots in the guild for people who are between 120 and 150 who we think are too cool for us to miss out on. These people need to be active and talkative and will get our support in return.
Perc system 
All perc resources are divided by requests, requests can be made by anyone above guard rank.
1 with 11 mounts capacity, edge of brakmar : -28, 45, 1 with 6 mount capacity in Koalaland
Big kokonut house on Otomai's island, -45,19, accessible to guild members (2 maps away from zaap) and one in Brakmar
Xp given to guild 
you can choose, XP right is given to people above guard rank, guard and lower can only donate between 1 and 5%

Noir people are not bound to anything but love to the guild xD, we dont have regular planned runs, strict rules or stuff like that, everybody likes different things about the game so we find it pretty pointless....

(one more thing: no bragging talks in Noir, because no matter what, leader got the biggest e-boobs, dont try! xD)

to join Noir you must apply in our forum, for more information you can pm:

  • DameDatte,
  • Soul-Whisper,
  • Zehzim,
  • Raincloud,
  • Tarquin-Mitzi or
  • LastTragedy


Rushu server Noir is not related to any Noir guild from other servers or games.