1. The most important rule is friendship and respect.
  2. Everyone should support and help each other and share glory that the guild brings


  1. All members have to at 5% exp tax at all time
  2. Only members with rights may adjust exp% tax

-Perceptor Drops-
The drops are destributed to all players who need them and are used to make characteristic scolls for all lvl member. And also to help raise the prefession lvl of members and for equipment for new players.


Nocturne Of Shadows is a lvl 20 guild in rushu. Leader is Oura(lvl 13X) and her second-in-commanders are asza (11X), Raven-Lady(13X), benur(11X), ecas-soul(100) and -rei(13X or 14X). We have a lot lvl 60+ members and we always help each other to level, making dungeons or drop hunts. The recruitement to enter the guild is 30+