We are a relatively new guild. We have many good members and we do hunts and dungeon runs we're still working on this page . Thank you for showing intrest in our guild :D.


As a guild we need to have rules in order to stop people from corrupting the guild

  •  Do not aggress another member of the guild without his/her permission.
  •  Do not con another person in the guild
  •  Do not spam too much in the guild chat.
  •  Just have a good time :)


We have a moderate number of players and random levels if you want to join us you can ask hannah-mauritz, legendarywizard, and some other player.

Joining and Inviting New MembersEdit

We're a guild which needs a lot of strong players. Everyone has the privilege to invite new players. We are becoming better and will soon be a high level guild with high level players :)


We prefer active members. Once you haven't logged on to your guild character for 15 days, you'll be marked as a Deserter. After 20 days of inactivity, however, you'll be kicked out of the guild. So please try to log in every once in a while! Even if you can only get on for a short time.

Exceptions can be made, of course. If you're going on a holiday, just let us know beforehand, and we'll keep it in mind. In that case we'll assign you a Reservist rank until you've returned.

Christmas timeEdit

Its Christmas time and our guild is going to express Christmas in Dofus :) each person will be assigned a partner to exchange a gift with.

Note : Anyone who gives a bad gift will get a bad gift. Gifts will be under 100kk of value otherwise people will ask for stuff like gelanos.