Info Edit

  • Guild since 18.06.2006
  • We are friendly and fair
  • We dont like guildhoppers
  • We speak english and german

Our Rules Edit

  • every Member must give 150 EXP to Guild per week, this will be controlled every monday.

Member List Edit

  • homelesscheesecake
  • MissP

Recruitment Information Edit

  • Currently Guild is LVL 15
  • only p2p Player
  • Guild conditions for new member Level 30+
  • only Maincharacters
  • Brakmar and neutral people are welcome
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Guild Ranks Edit

  • On Approval - The lowest rank. This is given to new members. They usually have very few or no rights.
Required Level:
Required Guildexp: 150 @ week
  • Servant - A low rank usually given to fairly new members of a guild. These have few or no rights.
Required Level:
Required Guildexp: 1.500
  • Defender - Members of this rank have few guild rights and are expected to protect your collector in battles, though they can often set their own XP contribution and collect kamas from placed Perceptors.
Required Level:
Required Guildexp: 3.000
  • Manufacturer - This rank usually is given to someone with a high level profession and may also receive priority on materials collected from perceptors.
Required Level:
Required Job Level: 30
  • Keeper - A fairly high rank. A Keeper is usually in charge of the kamas your collector receives.
Required Level:
Required Guildexp: 10.000
  • Treasurer - A high ranking post. It commonly comes with rights to pick up materials and kamas from you Perceptor. They are handpicked.
  • Officer - The highest rank a member of a guild who is not a leader can attain. At this rank you may have all or many of the rights. Officers are handpicked, too.
  • Leader - The highest rank in the guild. There may be only one leader. The leader determines the rights and ranks of all the other guild members.