Welcome! Edit

Thanks for looking at the Nefertum Wiki Page, I hope you find what you are looking for! - Mistaken

Requirements Edit

  • Level 100 +
  • Be Active! If you aren't active we can't help you, and you cant help us.
  • Maturity is a big key here. You start off with permissions from the second you get off of approval, you need to know how to handle having them, when to use them, etc.
  • You need to be at least a little bit friendly. If not, at least be talkative, so we know you exist.
  • Don't complain! Obviously this one plays into the maturity part, but if the first thing you decide to tell us everyday is what equipment you don't have etc., well it gets tiresome.

Benefits Edit

  • We are very active. We have anywhere from 10-25 members on nightly.
  • Build Help. We have a high level of every class who can help you perfect your setup to maximize your strengths.
  • Fun!! We are constantly doing dungeons, castles, hunts, and whatever else needs to be done. You can guarantee you won't be bored here, my promise.
  • Privileges. As stated before, you gain control over things that normal guilds wouldn't allow you to have as soon as you get off approval.
  • Someone to answer all of your questions. Most of us her have high levels on Rushu, and have played for awhile. We can answer pretty much anything you have.

Want to join the Team? Edit

If you are interested in joining, simply contact one of our Officers, or Treasurers.

  • Kud
  • Cycloned
  • Jessiex