Remember: The main words in the guild is to have fun

About National AllianceEdit

National Alliance (NA) was born when i was Lvl 159 at 29 June, 2009 12:30, +1:00 GTM. We are recruiting for Peoples OVER Level 40. ;)


  • Do not spam in the guild chat.
  • Do not anjoy any guildes. (If you are annyoing any guildes or guild-mates you will be throwen out of the guild!)
  • Do not ask for items all day long.
  • The langue in the guild chat SHOULD be English. use PM for other languages but not guild chat.

*Ranks and Rights*Edit

Ranking System
Rank Requirement Rights Experience Info
Leader Name: Biongel/Dead-Heals All aviable rights No limt This is the boss in NA and the one that rule the guild over and whit the Second In Commands
Second In Command You get this right when leader feels you are ready to take this place. (lvl 100+) All 150,000 Exp Now it's time to help the lower level peoples in the guild and organize some hunts for the guild and take a part of leadership in NA! Congratulations!!!
Treasurer lvl 80+ Maybe you can earn a extra right of helping other guild members 100,000 Exp This is the highest rank you can get in NA until leader says that you have worked enough to earn the rank: Second In Command
Protector lvl 75+ Use the paddocks 75,000 Exp Now you are soon the highest rank possibly in NA!. Good work!!
Reservist lvl 70+ Set othets exp 50,000 Exp Now its time to help lower lvls out of problems
Guard lvl 65+ Please and pick up Percpectors 30,000 Exp Now you are a well known member of NA and get the right to use Percpectors. When you get the right to use Percpectors a responsibility to defend them will follow
Guide lvl 60+ No extra 20,000 Exp Now your real life in NA starts. You should now know about our friends and foes and how we are
Mentor lvl 55+ Invite members 10,000 Exp Welcome as a full member of uss!! :)
Apprentice lvl 50+ Now you can set your own xp donation 2,500 Exp Now you will earn your first right!
On Trial Lvl 40+ None None Welcome to National alliance,you have to give Min. 2% exp until you have reached 2,500 EXP.
Chosen One Follows the ranking systems Follows ranking systems follows ranking system Alt of a guilde that follows this ranking system
Deserteur Be inactive for more than a month whitout giving 2nd's or leaders a message Same as you had until you are fired If you see yourself whit this rank you should hurry up and contact 2nds or the leader if not you are living like a fly in the jam!


Second In Commands and Leader: Allowed to put 2 Perceptors at same time. Guard-Treasurer: Allowed to put 1 Perceptor at same time. On Trial-Guide: Is not allowed to put Perceptors.

If you have a Second In Command character and an alt whit Chosen One rank whit only 25,000 Exp (Guide rank). Then the alt is not allowed to put any Perceptors before your alt have get the right. If leader see that then the Second In Command guy will loose the rights!

Members Of National AllianceEdit

A list will appear soon as its done

Friends And FoesEdit

Our Friends
Guild Name Guild Level and Guilds Leader Name
International Alliance IA's Web Level 5X and Machoa :)
Twisted Empire Level 4X And Nates-shadow (Nates-Beast)
Za'Kuzka Level 3X and Mircica
Heaven Knights HK Forum Level 8X and Shelor
Angels Hell Level 0X (9 ATM)and Brak-Angel
Alliance Level 3X and Jaxler
Dark Elites DE Forum Level 5X and SweetAngel
Psychotic Alliance  ?
Rdashdry-Plz 05:50, 18 June 2009 (UTC)
Our Enemies
Guild Name Reason
----- -----
----- -----
----- -----
----- -----
----- -----
----- -----
----- -----
----- -----