Narz is a new sketchy guild that likes Nar'Zhul NerUb- a once powerful (specially sketchy) guild. Their lame principles and filthy guild chat are celebrated here. Bribery & skecher sneakers will help you steal power in this guild, So enjoy!

Ranks are based on the character's level:

  • On-Trail- welcome, welcome! *2 days*
  • 40-75- Apprentice
  • 75-100- Initiate
  • 100-125- Scout
  • 125-150- Guard
  • 150-175- Reservist
  • 175-200- Protector

Rights are based on xp donation + time in guild:

  • Instant- Manage XP
  • 50,000 XP- Invite *1 week*
  • 100,000 XP- Perceptor Rights *2 weeks*
  • 200,000 XP- Choose your own Mount from a Breeder *3 weeks*
  • 400,000 XP- Breeding Rights (permitting empty paddocks) *1 month*
  • 800,000 XP- Choose your own Rank *2 months*
  • Extra rights chosen by Sics.

Perceptor RulesEdit

-2 percs per person (not per character in guild) can be placed.

-Perc Rights are for you and you alone, not for anyone else who may log you.

-Percs are to help this guild and its members, not alts in other guilds.

-A maximum time of 1 week for you to farm one area... after this a 1 week cool-down so other members may farm there too.


We are currently recruiting active level 1+ players to join Narz. We ask our guildies to donate 3% xp to the guild (0% at level 199). Guild chat is in English and we have no class or alignment preference.

PM- Kyanche, Star-Lite, Nyxal, or any other skecher with this super logo above their head to join!