We just went through a kicking wave, where we ban members we never see online ever or those who have just quit playing for some reason. We have lots of openings now so dont hesitate to ask to join!

Post a comment on the page Talk:NL-hitman's-crew-NL if you have a comment about this guild! (leave your in game name too so we know who you are)

Requirements Edit

Level 13 and up are allowed. (Enis, Ecaflips, Xelors level 9 and up are allowed)All joining members must either be bontarian or neutral (as in not planning to join brakmar.)

Guild Info Edit

The people in the guild are very friendly. The members sometimes go on monster hunts or help each other train. The members may also help others with their professions somehow. Most of the members are Level 15+. We try to put up perceptors, but they always die... but we almost win!!! The guild has members that are bakers/alchemists/farmers/tailors so we can make you stuff as long as we have the supplies for it. We have a bakery/drink shop (see the site) which sells breads and potions for cheap cheap prices!

Members Edit

The members are either of Bontarian alignment or of neutral alignment. The members are mostly level 15+ and usually growing rapidly.

Ranking Edit

On Approval (Below level 15) Servant (Level 15+ or because of some special reason.) Defender (Above level 20 or because of some special reason.)
Treasurer (Hand Picked.) Keeper (Hand Picked) Officer (Hand Picked or because of some great feat such as lots of exp given.)